About Labour Market Pty Ltd

As a leading fixed cost recruitment and labour market testing company, our mission is to effectively provide human resource solutions to employers across multiple industries and disciplines. Labour Market Pty Ltd was established to help fill the shortage of skilled workers in Australia. We serve a multicultural client base that encompasses mature markets, emerging economies and developing markets across the nation.

Our clients include local, multinational, and global companies; entrepreneur-led organizations; small- and medium- sized enterprises, as well as not-for-profit organisations. Because of our collective experience and local knowledge of human resource teams, we are exceptionally able to meet client requirements.

Labour Market was founded to connect the best people wherever they might be, with the best companies in every market, so that together they can achieve exceptional results. This requires a level of specialisation realized through our unique structure. This distinct structure enables us to anticipate market changes, prepare for the future and address talent issues by being flexible as professionals and as an organization. In this way, we are aligned with our clients and our peers, addressing new business cycles, disruptive technologies and associated changes, and political shifts that transform candidates into resilient world-class leaders.