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Our client is a boutique beauty salon located in Pyrmont, NSW. They are seeking a highly professional Beauty Salon Manager to join their team. This is a full-time position. Some weekend work will be required. Competitive annual salary.


You will be in-charge of running of the Beauty Salon.


  1. To adhere to financial guidelines e.g. Expenditure salon overheads as laid down by Managing Director(s).
  2. To maintain and constantly review client service standards.
  3. To work with Managing Director in maintaining beauty techniques at par with international salons.
  4. To ensure salon cleanliness and maintenance is in keeping with the company’s general policy on services.
  5. To ensure that small maintenance jobs are carried out and paid for from petty cash.
  6. To discipline and guide all members of staff to create a happy working atmosphere for the benefit of both staff and clients.
  7. To encourage and motivate all staff to maximum potential, both technically and professionally for their individual benefit and future growth of the company.
  8. To communicate through all staff levels e.g. Apprentices.
  9. To ensure that grievance procedures are carried out as laid down in each individual’s contract of employment.
  10. Together with Managing Director(s) to plan future staff requirements to maintain staff levels and fluctuations in trade throughout the year.
  11. To ensure smooth running of reception area in particular with overall responsibility for cash and paperwork procedures. To ensure where there is no receptionist that paperwork procedures are adhered to as laid down in the job description.
  12. To constantly review the notice board area to ensure it is up to date and current.
  13. To action all directives whether verbal or written within the time specified through the correct channels e.g. Staff grievances and complaint procedures.
  14. To attend soirees and demonstrations when required.
  15. To attend meetings with the Managing Director(s) when required.
  16. To work closely with Managing Director in promoting the Company’s image though all media e.g. advertising, shows (trade and public) to increase Company’s reputation and client count.
  17. To ensure that the Company’s policies in relation to:
    1. Beauty trends and techniques and
    2. Staff dress and appearance
    3. Are carried out and communicated to all staff.
  18. To advise clients of all products available for retail purchase, in order that they keep their skin in good condition


  • Experience and skills to satisfy the aforementioned requirements
  • A relevant trade qualification – Aesthetician
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to speak an additional language will be advantageous
  • At least 12 to 18 months experience in an English speaking country.
  • Good reference from previous employers

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Jan Macalister is the Director of Labour Market and has been working in the HR field for over 20 years. She holds an MBA and Bachelor of Education.
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