Jan Macalister is the Director of Labour Market and is passionate about helping organisations achieve low cost solutions for all their recruitment needs. Having experience and contacts within the migration field, Labour Market also offers services to migration agents to help minimize their workloads in areas such as Labour Market Testing, Genuine Position Reports and Business Plans etc.

“This enables us a unique opportunity to offer our clients added value. For too long Recruitment Companies have been charging over the top fees and it really isn’t necessary. We can streamline the recruitment process for our clients by doing much of the paperwork and screening, without the outrageous fees. Our service is simple, effective and transparent and gives the ultimate control back to the owner. We offer the best of both worlds….. an all-inclusive, affordable and flexible system backed by experienced professionals using the latest recruitment technology in human resources.”

Labour Market is based in Brisbane, Qld and attracts clients from all over Australia, mostly the capital cities. With over 20 years in Education, sales, business and recruitment, Jan enjoys work, travel, a healthy lifestyle and the environment. Jan completed her MBA in 2012 and currently resides on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.