Reports that get results

We provide full support and tailor our reports to suit the individual needs of each client. We do not take on cases if we believe there is little likelihood of success. This would be wasting both your time, the clients time and would damage our reputation.

Why is a Genuine Position Report necessary?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) do their utmost to refuse any component of the 457 application process, but it is most commonly the ‘genuineness’ criteria of 457 nominations which causes the problems. The DIBP have for a while ‘deemed’ that a position is not necessary for the operation of a business and is hence, not a genuine position. Genuine position reports that address regulation 2.72(10)(f) accurately are required to prove a genuine need for the nominated occupation. The quality of the content in the report is highly important in helping case officers make a more informed decision.

Why Choose us?

  1. We speak directly with the business owner to find out exactly what is required of the position and how the role fits within the organisation.
  2. We speak to the nominee to see how he or she is able to add value to the organisation and what specific qualities they bring.
  3. We research the position and provide evidence regarding pay, conditions and market salary rate comparisons.
  4. We work directly with Migration Agents who have specific experience in this area.
  5. Language barriers can cause costly mistakes. Poor grammar and sloppy wording can make it difficult for case officers to understand what your business is about.

Is a Business Plan necessary?

We have had very few refusals for 457, ENS and RSMS. This is largely due to the quality of our submissions and that our reports link with the sponsoring Company’s Business plan. Many case officers will argue that another employee can do this role or that the business owner can manage without the additional staff member. It is our experience that having a Genuine Position report alone is not enough. The Business Plan outlines the scale of the business, structure, core beliefs, goals, practices and the need for the role in meeting the organisational objectives.

How much does it cost?

Both Genuine Position Reports and Business Plans are competetively priced at $650

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