How to apply for jobs in Australia for foreigners?

We get asked this question many times with workers from outside of Australia who are looking to find employment here. Apart from the same advice that we share with our Australian job-seekers, there are a few more requirements to work in any part of Australia.

1. Visa with working rights

Not all visas that allow you to enter Australia provide the legal rights for you to work. Visas such as the tourist visa forbid working while on holiday. Anyone found working while on a tourist visa will be deported without questioning. A working-holiday visa on the other hand, allows someone from overseas to work while having a holiday here at the same time.

Some of the more common visas that overseas workers apply for are the skilled individual subclass 189 visa and the employer sponsorship subclass 457 visa. These visas come with working rights albeit with certain limitations.

2. Conversion of overseas qualifications and skills

To be considered for work and a visa with working rights (in most cases), you would need to convert your qualifications and skills to meet the equivalent Australian standard. It tends to work to your benefit when your prospective employer sees that you have skills that meet their (Australian) requirements and would be more confident that you are indeed qualified for the job.

Different occupations are assessed differently hence you would need to apply for a skills assessment at the correct organisation. Please take care before choosing a skills assessment organisation to ensure that your qualifications and skills will be converted to the Australian equivalent.

Another important requirement (for most foreigners) is an English proficiency test (also know as IELTS). It can be conducted in the country you reside. You will need to achieve at least an overall score of 5 in most cases to be considered for a visa with working rights.

3. Ensure that you have other relevant documents ready

You will also need a valid Tax File Number (TFN), an Australian bank account for your salary to be paid to, a physical Australian residential address, health insurance or medicare card as well as some other documents relevant to your field of expertise. Eg. University qualifications etc.

These are the typical documents that will be required by employers prior to the signing of any employment contracts. It may seem overwhelming, so please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can!

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