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MY STUDY HOUR currently provide mathematics tutoring to primary school children
from K-7. Tutoring services are provided face to face in individual and small group
sessions. MY STUDY HOUR currently focuses on high quality tutoring in all areas of
mathematics including:
1. Number and Algebra, which include whole number, number operations, fractions,
decimals, patterns and algebra.
2. Measurement and Geometry, which include length, area, volume & capacity,
mass, time, three-dimensional shapes, two dimensional shapes, angles and
3. Statistics and Probability, which include data and chance.
4. Numeracy skills and problem solving skills.

The ideal applicant will

  • Use tangible and non-tangible rewards for reinforcement.
  • engage reluctant students by understanding their learning styles, through discussion and by giving positive feedback.
  • maintain good communication with parents.
  • Commit to ongoing professional development in Math A
Duties and Responsibilities

• Plan programs of study in mathematics for individual students and groups based
on relevant curriculum
• Assist students in one-on-one or small group tutorial sessions in mathematics
• Assigning problems and exercises relative to students’ training needs and talents
• Aid students with problem solving strategies and provide support with use of
principles and formulas
• Assessing students and offering advice, criticism and encouragement through
identifying and recording common problem areas for the purpose of developing
support services and reference materials
• Prepare students for examinations, performance and assessments as necessary
• Undertake continued professional development through attending professional
conferences, seminars and courses, reading current literature, and talking with
Qualification and experience

Bachelor Of Education or related Mathematics field


$60,000 per annum + Superannuation of 9.5%


About the Author:

Jan Macalister is the Director of Labour Market and has been working in the HR field for over 20 years. She holds an MBA and Bachelor of Education.
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