Save a packet.

Hire your next team member for just $790*.
We provide a shortlist of the best candidates.
Any industry, any position. You decide!

30 Day guarantee. No hire, no fee!

Let us help you to find the right person.

Our sophisticated search and tracking technology makes the sifting and selection process much quicker allowing us to offer effective recruitment solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Included in your fixed cost recruitment package:

  • A phone call to discuss your needs and the ideal candidate
  • Create a professional job ad
  • Advertise Job across major job boards, websites, social and professional networks
  • Resume search across internal and external databases
  • Screen applicants against key job criteria, reject unsuitable applications
  • Forward suitable applicants for you to decide

Why should I use your service when I can do it on my own?

Our fixed-cost recruitment service is designed to support businesses of all sizes, across all industries to focus on what they do best. We can take the hassle out of the recruitment process for little more than the cost of a single job ad.

What is involved?




Instead of posting your job ad individually to each job board which takes time, effort, research and the risk of getting it wrong, we are able to do it in one go at a fraction of the cost.


Professionally Written Ad

After you provide key information such as job description, location, skills required etc, we have the job post professionally written and vetted, sent to you for confirmation.


Over 10 Job Boards

Our ads are posted to over 10 top-ranked job boards in Australia. We currently focus only on the Australian employment market.


Regular Updates

Resumes of all applicants will be forwarded to your email address at designated intervals.


Free Applicant Screening

Do you have a complex selection criteria? We can identify and forward only those who meet your eligibility requirements.


No Gimmicks or T&C’s

We operate on a transparent and honest way; there will be no nasty terms and conditions or post-sale drawbacks.


What does it cost?

Our basic package is $790.00 and includes all of the features mentioned above!

10+ sites including MyCareer, Indeed, WebJobz, Facebook and CareerOne (as well as our own website)

Discounts for multiple listings. Please enquire.

*Based on Salaries under 90K. For Salaries over 90K recruit for just $1190



We can tailor packages to suit your needs (Prices can include interviews, reference checks and qualification verification).

Get a specialist to call you back