For many skilled occupations on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) list, employers may be required to show that they have tested the local market prior to lodging a nomination application for a 457 visa.

Labour Market Pty Ltd is leading the way in assisting companies and migration agents with labour market testing in Australia.

We do the hard work on your behalf.

We understand that every visa application is an intricate process that involves investing a great deal of time, effort and money by both the visa applicants and their migration agents. Our mission at Labour Market is to ensure that our clients get what they want, in the most effective, professional and legitimate manner. Every case will be assigned to a HR expert with the latest knowledge in migration law.

How does our process works?

  1. You provide information about the role. A job description is sufficient.
  2. We professionally revise and proof the job advertisement, which will be confirmed by you.
  3. After confirmation, the advert will be posted to 10 Australian job sites plus our website.
  4. The advert will be live for typically 3 weeks; minimum duration is 10 days. We encourage longer for more credibility.
  5. Once the advertisement has reached its duration a set of documents (see below) will be sent to you the next business day.
  6. The documents can be submitted to your case officer for the purpose of satisfying labour market testing for the 457 nomination.

What documents do I get?

1. Overview report of the advertisement: will show date of advertisement listing, number of responses, advertisement websites.

2. Advertisement copies: actual copies of the advertisements together with the website header to show evidence.

3. A signed letter of professional opinion confirming LMT and our reason for the outcome: by our HR and recruitment company.

4. Receipt of payment: to acknowledge that the client has engaged in LMT with a professional HR company.

5. A completed Domestic Recruitment Summary Form: necessary for 457 nomination

All documents will be provided in PDF format and/or hard copy, whichever is easier and necessary for submission.

Why should you use our service?


Saves you time so you can concentrate on your core business!


Our fees are reasonably-priced. Package discounts available too!


We know what we are doing. Our high success rate can prove it!

How much does each LMT case cost?

Reasonably priced at $850.00 per case, we seek to provide the best value to our clients. The invoice can be charged to either the employer directly or to the migration agent, who can then charge a mark-up fee when appropriate.

Special discounted rates can be discussed for several cases.