Traditional Recruitment Methods and why they fail

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If you’re still using any of these channels to find talent:
Printed Media – Think about declining circulations and which major segment of people you might be missing.
Local Employment Offices – Broad database, but are these the candidates you really want to target?
Internal Hiring – Quick…. but do you really get the most effective person?
Temp Agencies – Try sifting through dozens of potentials before you hit the mark!

As traditional methods of posting vacancies lose their effectiveness, consider alternative channels like Social Media and fixed cost recruitment as the new heroes of the game.

1. Cost-effective – Sourcing candidates via social media platforms is very cost–effective considering creating a social media account is free. If you’re not sure what you are doing, it can be time consuming though.
2. Social Media provides access to Active and Passive Candidates – One of the key benefits of recruiting via Social Media is the ability to reach both active and passive (or potential) candidates who may not even be in the hunt for a new position.
3. Increased Visibility and Larger Reach for your business. Statistics indicate that over 60% of internet users use Social Media on a daily basis.
4. Shorter Time to Recruit – As candidates are able to respond immediately, employers can fill vacancies even faster. This reduces the time needed to hire and saves a whole load of paperwork.
5. Better and Higher Quality Employees – Candidates who frequently use Social Media are more likely to be more innovative and tech-savvy in other areas as well.
6. Business Presence – Using Social Media to recruit employees gives a company a competitive advantage over other firms that are not using Social Media. It portrays a business as tech-savvy, dynamic and responsive to emerging trends.

In short, Social Media has transformed the way people work, communicate and do business; making it easier for businesses to contact potential candidates directly. Posting job opportunities on Social Media platforms is less expensive than many of the alternatives and has the added bonus of building your Employer Brand, attracting more clients and future talent to your business.

Not only that, your candidates are looking for career opportunities on Social Media. Will they find you if you’re not on it? Traditional methods are out, and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the new tools of the trade. Technology is unavoidable, so the question is, can you embrace it?

Are you considering Social Media as an additional channel for your next recruitment but don’t know where to start? Would you like some help to coordinate all of your efforts and monitor the results? We can help you to get the best person to fill your vacancy easier, quicker and more cost effectively than ever before? Give us a shout and let us help.

One of our team will call you to find out exactly what you’re looking for and help to draft the position description that will target the candidates you are seeking. We will advertise the position on your behalf on multiple websites as well as social media for maximum reach and exposure. We will update you with the latest news and forward only those candidates who match your criteria. And the cost? You’ll be happy to learn that the cost is less than that of a single ad on some websites. If you’re looking for a salary earner under AUD $90K, our recruitment fee is just $790. Over AUD $90K, $1190. That’s it. Contact us for more info.


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Jan Macalister is the Director of Labour Market and has been working in the HR field for over 20 years. She holds an MBA and Bachelor of Education.
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